Zone control help

I like to save money. I’m not cheap by any means, but as I get older I realize just how much money I spend on things that don’t matter. For instance, I finally cancelled some of my services that i pay for. I no longer have a house phone. I realized nobody called the home phone unless it ended up being some telemarketer. I even got rid of cable TV. I only watched network channels and currently have Netflix and HBO accounts. What was I paying for? Then one day it hit me. I live in a fairly good size household. How much am cash do i use up for my HVAC unit to warm and cool this whole living space? My kids have are older and have moved out. So our heater and air conditioner were heating lots of space that my family and i simply weren’t living in any more. I called my HVAC provider and had them send an HVAC technician out to the house. We discussed my thinking and he suggested a series of zone control units. They are basically thermostats located in multiple rooms that are all associated with your forced air heater in addition to the air conditioner. I agreed that was my smartest option. After installation, I can now tell my own heating and cooling equipment which rooms I want to monitor. The spare bedroom and kids’ bedrooms are not being heated or cooled. I usually shut the doors and turn down my HVAC equipment in there. I’m also able to contain the air conditioner cool the kitchen while making the master suite nice and cozy.

 zone control technology