Why you should practice organic farming

You should preserve organic farming in the USA. Cities are constantly expanding and people seem to be eating far less natural ingredients, but it is important to keep farming and promote natural food. Organic farming and composting are important because neither are damaging the earth with either these techniques. On extremely large farms huge machinery crushes the land and compacts it. When the soil is compacted it can’t get any oxygen and thus no plants can grow there. Organic famers do not use any machinery so that all of their soil can be utilized. The parts of fruits and also vegetables that we don’t eat can double for composting. Composting breaks down old food and causes it to be a liquid form. Once it is in this liquid form you can use it to replenish your soil and ensure it is even more suitable for future gardens. Another important factor to organic farming is not using any chemicals in the farming process. These chemicals will not be good for us or the plants absorbing them. Round up is a very harmful weed killer that large amounts of farmers use. Round-up is not good for the vegetation or for the those people who are eating these foods. These are all reasons why we need to continue to promote organic farming. Organic farming makes us healthier and you’ll take pride in that helps to preserve the earth making sure that future generations can enjoy harvesting too. Next time you buy vegetables and fruits, check to see if it was grown with organic farming.

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