Where to put your main HVAC unit

Should you live in a climate where you go through all four seasons, things around your house may take a modest amount of a beating, I know my own grill has seen better days. It’s been battling the elements for the past decade. I may have to purchase a new one in the near future. The awning that hangs over my back deck is additionally showing its age. While I take it down before the snow is here, it still takes a beating on the weather for about 8 months yearly. I try to take care of those things. I also try and look after my outdoor HVAC equipment. The house uses a ductless unit to heat and cool the interior. It’s a different system than most have around my town but I’ve been pleased with it ever since I had it installed a few years ago. However, with this particular system, you must take care of the outdoor HVAC condenser. One evening, my heating and cooling equipment didn’t feel like it was working right. It was taking a very long time to change the temperature inside of my home. I messed with the wall-mounted thermostats for some time but they looked fine. I thought about giving the HVAC business a call but decided to go examine my outdoor unit before. I was shocked to see lots of leaves and small sticks had been sucked into the unit. My heating and cooling equipment couldn’t work because this debris had tied up the fan. Now, I always make sure my outdoor HVAC unit can be free and clear.

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