What I’m changing about my home

I met a brand new family today at the park in my neighborhood. I had taken my young boy there to ride his bike and he ended up meeting new friends. I also ended up befriending the parents. I invited them over for  snacks after they were done for the park. My son loves to have playdates with other children, and the children’s parents seemed to be  very nice people and we were having a fun time. The house was getting very warm though so we relocated to the outside deck, snacks and all. The HVAC unit however was placed right next to the deck. We could not even experience the food pleasantries of the outdoors because the HVAC unit was making some unpleasant noises. They said it sounded like I was having cooling problems, so they grabbed their son and went home, to ensure I could deal with the matter appropriately. They told me we may be able to get together soon at their house soon. I was so embarrassed that the house seemed like an unwelcoming place. I immediately called the HVAC technician after they left. I had never heard this sort of noise before. I definitely needed a professional to consult me on this issue since they would know more than anyone else. They looked at the system and found some big issues with it. We had to turn it off and he then proceeded to pull the whole thing apart. There were a lot of inner workings that were defective and causing the unit to slowly breakdown. I ended up paying lots of money for this repair. It was too bad that my friends felt like that they to leave because my HVAC unit was not operating properly.

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