What i learned about plumbing

Until recently i had never heard of a plumbing service appointment. I thought that you should only call a plumber when your plumbing was broken. For, example i would only call a plumber when a pipe was leaking, or i had some other kind of severe plumbing issue. However, i was informed recently that the plumbing service appointment can help prevent problems with future plumbing from happening. Over the last few years i had some very bad plumbing problems that were very expensive and took a while to repair. So, i called a plumber and scheduled the appointment so that i could find out more about these plumbing visits. The appointment was very easy to make and the plumber came to my home right away. He began by inspecting my water tank and making sure there were no obvious defects with it. A defective hot water tank can bring about some very bad plumbing concerns, such as not having any hot water. After that he inspected my pipes for bacterias or any other type of build-up. He concluded that the particular pipes also looked clean and did not need any further attention. Next he ran a few test checking the water pressure and the cleanliness of the water. The appointment did not take long and the plumber gave me a guarantee that my plumbing wouldn’t break over the next couple of months. He informed me that he provides a warranty where he will come fix it for free if it does break following a service appointment.

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