View points on marijuana

Marijuana looks like it’s a growing part of culture in america. Especially with the younger generation of people. The post college age generation aren’t only commonly marijuana smokers, but they are also very open about the subject and don’t oppress people who are smokers. I think everyone gives illegal activity a very bad name. I will agree, if it’s illegal it is probably bad. However, how closed minded will it be to not even consider that perhaps a law is not right and that we don’t get everything perfect? I hope as our culture changes as well as the views of people change, our culture changes laws about it and people change how they think of marijuana. Another thing is that people are not educated about cannabis or on what cannabis does. A lot of people possess a warped idea and they think that it’s a lot more intense of a high than it is. In all of the reality, alcohol is way worse for you and it warps your mind in a lot more intense way. People do plenty of horrible things when they are drinking and even loose touch with reality and what exactly is okay. Marijuana tends to relax people and just make you think more creatively. I think the main reason marijuana is illegal is because of tobacco dealers when this country was started. The tobacco farmers had more money and political influence. They used the connections to remove what they thought was a competitive product. We will see how things go, but I think there’s a good future for cannabis.

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