Turning your AC to full blast

I am pretty lucky for the family I grew up in. We all get along pretty well. We are a family of five; my parents, my older, myself and my more youthful brother. We are all incredibly close, and try to spend just as much time together as we can. All of us enjoy sports activities, so we go to lots of events that interest us. You’ll find the five of us on a sunny afternoon at a football game, soccer game, or playing some volleyball inside our backyard. We also love playing board games and eating as a family. Something that we all have a problem with though is the temperature of our home. It is a constant battle between my cousin and my dad, and my mother and I. They prefer to turn the AC on full blast, while we would rather open the windows for a organic breeze. We end up spending more time arguing then we want, and figured there had to become better solution then turning off the AC when they are looking the opposite way. Our friends suggested we upgrade our air conditioning system. To start with we were hesitant, but once we were hearing them out, it seemed to make quite a bit of sense. They also explained there was a solution where we could set different rooms of the house to different temperatures, which would fulfill the needs of everyone in the house. After an easy installation, we knew that this was the right move for our family. Now we can all be comfortable within our home!

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