The heating business

Is the next storm dictating the comfort level of your property?  During the long, cold winter season, brutal hot summer, chilly wet autumn or soggy spring, you might have complete temperature control at an affordable price.  New heating and cooling equipment is a significant investment, but can always be extremely energy efficient.  You need a trustworthy contractor who will take time to calculate your exact temperature desires, factor in the design, size and construction of your home, and help to select top-of-the-line gear.  You want someone who is fully insured, licensed, and has a lot of experience and references.  It gives you some peace of mind if the contractor is NATE-certified, and has received in-depth training specific to fixing your HVAC equipment.  If you’re building a home, remember one of the key components is heating and cooling.  Your temperature control system is something you depend upon everyday and needs to live up to high expectations and a major workload.  By choosing efficient and also reliable equipment, you prevent many problems down the road.  Whether you’re facing new construction or planning to replace old, out-dated equipment, you need to think about ductwork.  Although ductwork is usually ignored, it is critical in the efficiency and performance of ones HVAC system.  Without properly size ducts, airflow can be deafening.  If air leaks have formed, your system is working harder than it needs, using up energy.  You want ductwork to have smooth, curved fittings to allow the flow of air around sharp corners.  Every ductwork joint needs mastic and tape to keep air from leaking.

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