Temperature control scenarios

I must admit that I am quite cheap at times. It’s not because I don’t love my customers or my personnel, it’s just that business has slowed during the last decade and I need to save money anywhere I can. I opened a bar about 19 years ago, it is my true passion. The first 8-10 years were a wild ride. We were making more money than I knew what  to do with. In that decade, I had already expanded my business once and put away enough money to send both of my children to whatever college they wished to attend. It was amazing and very rewarding. Unfortunately, business is significantly slower nowadays. To try and make more money, I  converted the bar into a nightclub to hopefully produce a new image and draw more people. Thought it hasn’t really worked. On top of it all, I was dealing with a broken heater all of last winter. That wasn’t fun whatsoever and quite a pain. Up north here, we manage to get some pretty cold weather over the winter season. Every time somebody opens the entranceway, a giant draft of very cold air enters the nightclub. That is certainly okay because I can’t management people coming and going. But this is an issue when your central furnace has numerous issues as mine did, it truly makes for a cold nightclub. I didn’t really want to invest the money to fix it so we went the duration with the winter with faulty heating equipment just to get by. Eventually, the customers began to take notice and complain about it being cold. I had no choice but to contact my HVAC provider and get them in the bar to have a look at some things. After the HVAC business, I ended up having to buy an entirely new heater.

HVAC business