Summer HVAC

I’ve been experiencing a few different issues in my home in the last few months. The temperatures happen to be very high and the humidity has also been very high. I happen to be experiencing problems with black mold growing within my home. I have been spraying the mold with bleach and scrubbing it away. I feel like I am in an endless battle against the mold. I have also been having a hard time dealing with the humidity levels. I think all of this is happening because my air conditioner broke earlier in the season and I don’t have the money to fix it. HVAC repairs are extremely high-priced and I have had a hard time keeping a job. I called a HVAC technician about repairing my HVAC system, but they expected a 50% deposit and I couldn’t afford it at the time. I have simply been suffering through the side effects of no air conditioning. The HVAC technician warned me that I would experience issues similar to this. I didn’t think the black mold would grow as fast as it does. I also didn’t think the humidity in my home will be a big issue. Living without an air conditioner has been quite the experience. I need to figure out a way to get my air conditioner fixed so that I may have a healthy and comfortable home again. When my air conditioner was working, I never experienced mold growth in my home. I also was unaffected by high humidity. When my HVAC process is fixed, I will have regular maintenance performed so that I never have to expertise these awful effects.

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