Should I do an HVAC installation or not?

I run a very famous fruit stand. It is incredibly simple and basic, but still famous in my little farm town. My husband and I built a very small cart out of wood. We attached small wheels on the bottom and a letterbox to the front. The wheels allow me to roll the cart from the garage to outside, beside the street. The letterbox has a slot where my customers will pay. I load my stand with a lot of quart baskets that have grapes. In fact, it is a pay-and-take business. I do surprisingly well on this endeavor. I usually earn between twenty to fifty dollars per day. I have found that sales depend largely on the day of the week in addition to the weather. Weekends are more profitable than weekdays. Sunny days make more business than rainy ones. A disadvantage of a business that is exposed to weather is that i cannot always control the temperature. If I had a small building, I could install an HVAC system. In the summer, the air conditioner would maintain a very good environment. This would better sustain the fruit. I would stay away from excess humidity, which tends to rot fruit. I would also avoid honey bees, which often swarm the grapes and terrify my customers. An air conditioner would give a pleasant atmosphere for both me and my customer. With a new HVAC system, I could heat the building in the winter and perhaps expand to a few other products. I am, on the other hand, content with my little cart. I have very little expenses. While the cart is outside, I don’t need to be. I can work inside, comfortable inside my air-conditioned home.

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