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Lately there has been a cold going around. I tried extremely hard to not catch the cold. I washed my hands all day long and used sanitizer. Being around people every single day at work made it difficult to stay clear of the sickness. I really thought I was going to avoid it and be able make it through without catching the cold. It turned out I got the cold. It took over my whole body and I felt terrible. Everything was a lot harder to do. I called off of work many times. In the midst of winter my furnace decided to quit working. It was so hard to get to the phone to call a person to come repair it. I put it off for awhile because I really could not build up the vitality to get out of my bed. I do not live with someone, so they could not take care of the heating issue either. I finally was able to call an HVAC business. It worked out well because I did not need to do much in the process of the repair. All I had to do was call the organization. I knew I was going to be home because I had been really sick. I was able to allow the HVAC technician into my house. He looked at the HVAC unit and checked for what may be wrong. I wasn’t even sure that there was something wrong because all the sudden the HVAC unit just got colder. It was strange. He confirmed that the HVAC system was broken. He fixed what he had to and he was on his way to his next appointment. It seemed like such an easy task to take care of. I just had to call. The HVAC technician will always handle any of your HVAC needs. You should never have to do anything but make the call.

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