Putting in a home theater

Home theatre technology has improved a lot throughout the last few years. The main reason you must update your home theater is to stay constant with technology advancements. I was still happy with my old home entertainment until i started updating other parts of my system. M home theater did not have any of the necessary inputs for connecting a blu ray player, PS4, XBOX LIVE one, or an HD telly. There were no HDMI inputs and there were only a RCA audio inputs. Plus there was only 1 audio input, so i must constantly switch cables around. When i was buying a new home theater the most important part was what kind of inputs and outputs the head unit had. My new home theatre has 5 HDMI inputs and each input has multiple music inputs. There is one HDMI out that can run to the television. Using this system, your home theater is controlling everything and all your television has to do is accept the video signal it’s sending. This makes for a far better set-up and better sound quality. My old home theater sounded good until i had to convert audio signals. I was attempting to convert a digital audio on my blu ray player to an RCA cable, so that it can be connected to the home theater. This absolutely destroyed the sound signal and took out all of the bass and high frequencies. The connections your home theater has are just as important as the speaker quality as a weak audio signal ruins noise quality, regardless of the speakers.

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