Plumbing and rust issues

If your water has almost any color to it there is probably a problem with your plumbing. Water should be totally clear and never have signs of rust or particles in it. If you hire an established plumber they can check your water quality to find out what is inside it. If they find there’s a lot of un-wanted particles in it they can clean your pipes for you personally. What they do is wash a chemical throughout the pipes and that clears the chemical compounds off. A lot of times dirty water isn’t a fault of the water and it is actually poor plumbing. A lot of older homes have plumbing that has not been cleaned in a long time. You should really have your pipes cleaned every year to help you be sure there is no dirt in your water. It can be very bad for you if you are drinking this water and your pipes have not been cleaned. Rust is a very common particle to have in really old plumbing and isn’t that dangerous if it’s in your water. But having rust in your pipes is not good for your water and it can cause you to be sick if you drink that. Having constant running and sitting water starts to deteriorate the pipes after many years of use. If you are having all of these problems you should contact a professional plumbing service. That way you will know exactly what is in your water and you won’t need to worry about getting sick from dirty water.