Making your air cooler

Going out to eat at a restaurant is always a unique treat. If you are like me and don’t have central air at your residence you know how impossible it may feel to cook at a property when it’s a hot summer night. I also tend to dress for the weather and this lack of an air conditioning system means you’ll usually find me in simply shorts and a tee shirt all summer long. When I head to stores or restaurants that I know will be cooler from their air conditioning system I strive to remember a fleece. Still, it seems to be my luck whenever eating out to get seated directly next to the air vent. At these times even a winter jacket wouldn’t be sufficient to keep me warm. One particular date with my sister was exactly what I’m talking about. We had even remembered to bring sweaters, but still we shivered beneath the restaurant’s frigid cooling system. In these situations I’m never sure how to proceed. The restaurant must have reasons why they set their thermostat so low. It can’t be less expensive nor energy efficient to have their HVAC system running at full power on a regular basis to the point that I have goose bumps waiting for my meal. I certainly don’t want it to be too warm while I’m attempting to eat, that’s why I like to venture to air conditioned restaurants when it’s warm out. The temperature that a number of these places set their thermostat is very excessive though. I wonder, had somebody else just complained that they were too hot and demanded a colder climate? I suppose the lesson learned is i should get over to my local HVAC business and find a cooling system of my very own so I can set it how like it.

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