Make sure your A/C runs the right way

After gaining a bunch of weight after college, I felt really ashamed. I once had the skinny waist and toned muscle tissue. A few months after graduating, I looked out of shape and I got tired easily. I wasn’t pleased with myself. I decided to come up with a change. I began changing my daily diet straight away. Instead of eating a bagel loaded with butter every morning, I begun eating oatmeal for breakfast. Then i also ate healthier foods for lunch and dinner. A couple of weeks after sticking to my diet regime, I began exercising in the house. I didn’t want to spend on a gym membership. I was doing yoga as well as other basic workouts right inside my own, personal home. There was only a single problem. My cooling equipment was extremely old at the time and really struggled to lower the temperature in my house. By the end of my workout, I could be sweating and my face would certainly feel very warm. There was nothing I could do to cool down with a faulty air conditioner. I even opened the refrigerator once to get some relief. Because I wanted to take this new healthier way of life thing seriously, I decided to call an HVAC professional to evaluate my unit. He came to my house and instantly saw how low my system was on refrigerant. The technician filled it to the proper level. Ever since then, I can do the hardest workout on the planet at my house and I’ll still be cool. I have lost over 10 pounds just from dieting and exercising in my house several times per week.

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