Make sure you work on your HVAC unit

A little while ago i enrolled in an HVAC service plan. It is very exciting. It’s called a club membership and it has a lot of advantages. I’ve never been part of a club before. I was really praying I would get a membership jacket, but I suppose it’s not that kind of club. My membership does offer quite a few benefits. I receive two professional tune-ups per year. My HVAC technician visits me once in the spring to check my cooling system, and once in the fall to inspect the heater. During the tune-up, the professional performs a 21-point inspection. He will verify safe start up, procedure, and shutdown. He will likewise check all safety features. Through careful analysis of each component, any problems found and corrected. The majority of repairs can be prevented. If my cooling or heating unit should breakdown outside of regular business hours, my HVAC provider is available twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply because I’m a club member, I don’t pay extra for this service. I also get discounts on a lot of repairs and service. I get a discount on all repairs, and parts and labor are protected by the one year warranty. The cost of membership is relatively inexpensive when compared with the expense of sudden maintenance tasks. My HVAC contractor handles every one of the HVAC manufacturer’s warranty requirements, and keeps an archive of what’s been happening. I also get reminders when it is time for maintenance. By purchasing a service plan, my heating and cooling system lasts much longer. It will operate more effectively, saving money on monthly bills.

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