Indoor air quality

If your air conditioner is going to malfunction, it will happen on the hottest day of the season. It stands to reason that the most likely time for a breakdown is when your equipment is actually working its hardest. If your system hasn’t been properly maintained, dirt has certainly built up and you will have faults with some of your components. Air conditioning systems rely on a clean and well-maintained air filter to push cool air to the rooms of your house. If the filter is clogged, air cannot flow properly, in addition the contaminants will infiltrate your home. When the condenser is blocked with dirt, dust or mould, cooling power will greatly lower and energy costs will surge. This is why it is indeed important to do HVAC maintenance on your heater and your air conditioner. There are some tasks that you should be doing and there are other tasks that you should be hiring a professional HVAC contractor to do. You need to be cleaning the inside of the machine annually and you must also be replacing furnace filters monthly. The furnace filter remove particles and dust from the air, but the can only make this happen so long before there is going to be a clog. A clog in your filtering will hurt the operation of the air conditioning equipment. Ask a HVAC provider about what they include in a tune-up and what type of things you should be doing around the house to make it more efficient. They will definitely propose that you prevent air leaks and keep home air tight.

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