Improving your ductwork

When it comes to maintaining your heating and cooling system, don’t forget the ductwork. Without ductwork, your furnace would be worthless. Think of the ductwork as the lungs of your house. They breathe air in and out. The ductwork is a branching network that is often concealed in the rooms, ceiling, and attics. Ductwork may be hard to access. Trying to clean or repair ductwork, on your own, can be difficult. If you do not have the proper tools, you risk damaging ductwork. This can bring about a very large expense. It’s wise to hire a contractor who has experience with ductwork. Many implement special tools and techniques in which they seal and clean the ductwork. Ducts that are in poor condition waste electricity. Leaks and holes allow conditioned air to escape. Leaky ductwork is responsible for losing approximately 30% of the air your HVAC system produces. These holes might draw unconditioned, dirty air in the system, and introduce it to your residence. If you have rooms that are difficult to keep at the right temperature, no matter how you set the thermostat, the problem would be the ductwork. Sealing and cleaning ductwork lets your heating and cooling systems heat and cool more easily. You will spend less on utility bills. Not only will you lower your expenses and feel more comfortable at your residence, you’ll enjoy superior air quality. Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in the ductwork. Bugs, webs, and vermin are often concealed in ductwork. The warm, moist environment is perfect for mold. Millions of spores can be airborne and sprayed into your house.

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