Improving air quality

In the winter the air gets very dry and many heaters make the problem even more difficult. If you are suffering from dry winters it is best to let your HVAC provider know to enable them to help you improve your quality of air. Let them know if your skin is extremely dry in the winter or if your deal with mold or mildew on window casings. They can identify problems that will adversely affect your indoor environment and supply you with a plan to solve those difficulties. The best way to solve dry air is to add a humidifier to the heater. The humidifier will measure the moisture in the air and add the needed moisture to your dwelling. This will prevent your skin from getting dry and it will make your air quality feel lots nicer. Another way HVAC providers improve your quality of air is by removing dust from the air. The most common way to make this happen is to install air filters on all of the HVAC equipment. The air filters will filter all of the air that’s going to your home. However, dust will start to increase in the filters and it is advisable to either change or clean them all the time. You can check your owners manual, but most HVAC filters need to be changed every month. This is true for both heaters and air conditioning units. Ask your HVAC provider about improving the humidity in your home and also about removing airborne debris and un-wanted particles. They may be able to help you make the proper adjustments to your system.

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