Cooling and heating systems all work in different ways. One common way to heat and cool a big building or home using an air duct system. The air duct system is a number of tunnels that connect your HVAC equipment to the rest of your home. The tunnels connect all of your home to either a heat pump or a central air conditioner. The HVAC ducts have one primary duct that can then connected to secondary ducts. The key duct spans the distance of the building and the secondary ducts hook up to separate rooms. The HVAC unit must not only send air through the air ducts, but it also needs to accept air coming through air ducts. Most HVAC systems recycle the air in the building to keep it fresh. Otherwise the air will get very stale. These systems most often have air filters on the mouth of the duct that filters the air it is pulling from the building. These air filters need to be changed on a regular basis or they will start to affect the standard of the machine. A dirty air conditioning filter will make it harder for the machine to draw air which makes it to start to damage the motor. The actual air ducts should also be cleaned so they are not filling with airborne debris. If the air ducts are filling with dust it will begin to ruin the air quality in your home. Talk to a professional heating and air  conditioning company about improving the air quality of your dwelling with regular tune-ups and visits.

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