HVAC systems

If you would like an HVAC contractor for installation, repair or maintenance of HVAC equipment, there are many things to consider. There are very large businesses. These companies have a team of technicians as well as a fleet of trucks. They can promise same day service and quite often offer guarantees on their work. There are smaller, family-owned firms. These contractors offer a far more personal approach. While you might need to wait a day or two for a service call, the owner of the business might be your technical assistant. Whether you hire a big company or small, make sure they don’t utilize subcontractors. If they subcontract work, you’re paying a middle man and still have no real idea who is doing the actual work. Make sure you’ve got a guaranteed installation date. Once you’ve purchased a furnace or air conditioning equipment, you don’t want to spend days waiting for the contractor to appear. Check to see if you contractor knows the type of HVAC tools you’re installing or asking them to work on. The requirements of gas, electric, geothermal, solar, boilers, heat pumps, mini splits and timber burning all represent unique problems and challenges. The technicians ought to be well-trained and experienced. If they’re Nate certified, at least you will be assured they’ve passed a standard, industry test. You may want the technicians to have been background checked and drug-screened. If you’re concerned for the environment, purchase a contractor who recycles old equipment to keep it from going into a landfill. They should recycle metal scraps and packing material, for example cardboard.

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