HVAC repairs

Yesterday i came home and i found that my house was very cold, even though my heater was supposed to be running. So, i went to check on my heater and noticed it had been turned off. I tried to turn it on but the unit wouldn’t power back on. I checked the electric running to everyone of my other appliances and it seemed to be working fine. I was very worried as it was extremely late at night and i didn’t know if i could have a professional fix it. However, after doing some research online i noticed that the majority of HVAC companies offer emergency servicing which they can use at any time. So, i called the corporation and explained the problem for the technician. He told me he would be happy to come make it better, and it would just be a an extra fee because it was not within business hours. I told him that i was fine with this because i knew i needed heat during the night and i didn’t wish to wait until the morning. The HVAC technician came to my house and inspected the problem. After examining the furnace he told me that he thought the matter was a blown fuse. So, we turned of the power and installed a new fuse in the heater. When we turned the power back on the heater turned on immediately. I was very surprised at how easy of a fix it was for this HVAC technician.

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