A couple weeks ago my sister told me that she wanted to get rid of our window unit air conditioners. I tried to inform her that we don’t need a new air conditioner. She insisted that we select heat pump for our primary source of cooling and heating. I had never heard of anyone in your area using a heat pump to heat and cool their residence where we are from. I called our neighborhood HVAC servicer and they told me that our climate is not ideal for heat pumps. They recommended installing some sort of dual fuel heat pump. I wasn’t sure what that was so I had him explain it so that I could comprehend the system. Aparently, heat pumps don’t work adequately in the winter, so you will need a furnace to heat your home if it’s too cold for the heat pump to work. A heating and cooling system like this will be able to use the most energy efficient fuel to operate. When the heat pump can offer you enough heat, it will run on just a little electricity to efficiently heat your in home air. When the temperatures outside become too cold, your dual fuel heat pump system will automatically switch into a fossil fuel of your choice. You can operate on gas, heating oil, or propane whenever your heat pump will not work properly. I also found that we could use a central air HVAC system. This would allow my sister and me to effectively neat and heat our home many year. There are more choices, but we settled on the particular dual fuel heat pump option.

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