Humidity at end of summer

At the end of summer there is still quite a bit of heat, and even more humidity. It is common in many places around the country that August is one of the most humid and muggy times of the year. It sits right in the transition between the end of summer and the start of fall. The last bits of summer hang on through August’s humidity before September comes in to cool it off with some cooler temperatures. Although this is not the case in every single part of the country, it is very common in the majority of the country. So, how are you staying comfortable even when it is humid outside? Humidity can make it feel even hotter than it actually is, so staying cool and comfortable is important. In addition to running an air conditioning system, make sure there is a dehumidification element to it. This way, not only is it cooling the air in your home, but it is removing extra moisture as well. You will feel a difference as soon as you turn the air conditioning on in this type of temperature. It is also important to hydrate yourself and dress accordingly. This type of weather is not suitable for layers or trying to wear tight clothing. You will feel uncomfortable immediately! Be sure to stay cool, and ensure your air conditioning system is working. If you are feeling the heat, get in touch with your local heating and cooling contractor to get your system running.

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