Home improvement and electric

I have not had real good good luck with contractors. I have hired construction contractors who didn’t insulate the walls or properly attach electrical outlets. I’ve hired an electrician who put off all my electric, in center of winter, and then sat in their truck and ate his lunch for an hour. I’ve learned to do a lot of the work around the house myself. I install windows, doors, as well as drywall. I am not comfortable with electric wires. So, I have finally found an electrician we trust. The man is in fact retired. His name is Joe. Joe only does jobs if you he knows you and likes the job. It’s extremely difficult to get him to take the job and arrive. My electrician always promises that he’ll arrive early, usually by nine each morning. I’ll warn him that my family has an appointment later in the afternoon. He will reassure me that he will arrive by nine. I then sit around and wait for Bob until around 2. It never fails. His actual work is meticulous, but extremely slow. He never finishes the job in a visit. My electrician also really needs me to babysit him. The entire time he’s working, I stand around and watch. We chat about Bob’s young children and grandkids. If he needs tools from his truck, Then i run and fetch them for him. The process is typically excruciating. But, in the end, the job is done correctly. I have had my electrician run new electric lines in virtually every room of my house. Bob has added lights and electrical plugs for me.

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