Helping yourself stay warm

My companion has been living in the freezing northern climate for about a year now; she has the sort of job where she is always on the move. She decided to purchase her dream house that needed some fixing up to save lots of money on immediate costs. Her first renovation was in the kitchen. I know that some kitchens demand a new coat of paint along with new hardware, but her kitchen was an entire gut job. She needed new appliances, new cabinets, and she also had to refinish the floors! I came to help, and now she has a top quality place to prepare food for a considerably long time! She has noticed recently that her home continues to be colder than she likes, even though she turns up the heater. Putting towels in the cracks on the windows, and making sure all of the vents in her home are open are just some of the tricks she has tried out to properly heat her household. She constantly tells me that that something ought to be done, but she did not know what exactly the problem was. She tried calling her local heating and cooling company. They told her that to be able to ensure proper heating in the home the girl recently moved to, she had to have proper circulation in the kitchen. They also suggested that she have her furnace checked regularly to ensure proper heating performance. This will help keeps charges low, and help her have a comfortable home! Now she entertains regularly without any fear of her guests having to wear their winter jackets!WIFI thermostat