Heating issues

Picture this. It’s the first Christmas with your new home and your expanding family. Everybody is sound asleep your while you’re finishing Santa’s last cookie on the kitchen table. It’s time to visit bed. You take a gulp of milk and head upstairs. Tomorrow has to be a great day filled with family, friends and food. You almost can’t stop yourself from smiling. You finally live in a house that will make your family’s holidays special. Your eyes eventually shut while you fall asleep. All of a rapid you’re woken up by a strange noise. After walking downstairs, you already know the heat pump isn’t working. In reality, it’s really cold on the earth floor. You call your HVAC business and they tell you a technician will be there the next day. Meanwhile, your family is now awake as the temperature in your home drops. Heater repair wasn’t exactly what you wanted for Christmas. The technician comes and repairs a refrigerant leaks in your heat pump. He told me my heater should begin working immediately and that it should be warm in a few hours. He also said regular service is likely to make sure my HVAC equipment runs properly sometime soon. Heater repair can be costly but it is a necessity in the colder months. A heat pump’s job is to either bring heat into the house or exhaust it from the home. My family’s holiday was almost a tragedy because there was no HVAC technician that knew the best way to repair my heat pump. The kids ended up having a great day. I couldn’t be happier with the HVAC provider.

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