Handling odors with your air conditioner

My hubby and two sons went on a fishing charter. The charter left very early that day, and they spent all day on the water then. To our surprise, they came home with a cooler full of fish for the family. Those particular fish were all cut into steaks and fillets, and grouped together into sealed bags. We put all of the bags in freezer. Today, I decided to cook some fish on our barbecue grill in the backyard. I started thawing the fish that day. I soaked it for hours in a tasty lemon pepper marinade. Just from handling it, my hands smelled terrible. I washed them multiple times, and could still smell bass on my skin. Because I was just a little worried about a bad fishy tastes, I decided to cook our fish longer than usual. The smell of it cooking was not pleasant by any means. Although I grilled it outside, the house smelled very fishy. Considering I could not get the odor away from my skin, I was concerned that the house would reek for days just like my hands. I closed all of the windows, and turned on the air conditioner in our home. The air conditioner started circulating air, which immediately helped with the awful smell. As the cooling system extracted humidity through the air, it also reduced the cooking odors that were produced. The house felt a lot more pleasant with the lower temperature. We enjoyed a very nice dinner, in the air conditioned house. I lit a candle to add a more pleasing fragrance to the air. The fish tasted excellent. I decided to let the air conditioner run for another night.

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