Golf cart parts

I take advantage of my golf cart for many activities. I use if for golf, camping, and for working throughout the yard. Our backyard is very large. We also have some wooded area that surrounds home. I use this golf cart to help me work around the backyard. It makes it a lot much better to work in my yard. When I went to put it to use for some yard work the other day, it wouldn’t start. I thought I merely needed to charge the battery. I left it there for around two hours charging. When I came back and started it, nothing. I knew it had been quite some time since the battery was replaced. I had a spare in case this happened. I replaced the battery but, still nothing happened. I was getting worried I would need to buy a new golf cart. I called a local mechanic shop to see if they could tell me what I could do. They told me to consider the wires connected to the battery. They have to be clean and you have to ensure there are not any cracks in them. I removed the battery cables and cleaned them with a wire brush. I hoped that did the trick. I tried to turn our golf cart back on and it worked. The repair expert told me it could also have been a poor battery. If this ever happens again I should make sure to follow these same steps. They are common problems that people have with their carts. I should also keep an eye on my tire pressure. It won’t move when I have a flat tire. That can be a common problem.performace carts for sale