Finding the HVAC model that’s right for your hotel

I don’t know how you are, but I look forward to staying in hotels while on vacation. While I am definitely excited to go to a new place, staying in the hotel could be a really fun experience as well. Unfortunately, our last mini-vacation didn’t turn out so well because of the hotel. We happened to journey to an area where a local college was dealing with graduation. Our hotel overbooked us and offered to purchase a room at a different hotel. There was only a single problem. Every other hotel was completely booked.

I was so angry. How could this have happened to me? We were forced to stay in a dingy motel with bad HVAC equipment. First, we walked about the room and it seemed like it was 96 degrees in the room. We turned the air conditioner on as high as it would go and left for supper. When we returned, the bedroom was still very warm. I had so much trouble sleeping that night because it felt like we had a heater running in our room even though we were in the heart of summer. By the end of the weekend, I was ready to go home to our house where there was reliable heating and cooling products. I will never travel back to that city ever again because it turned out to be an awful experience.

However, it made me personally realize how truly awesome our beautiful home is. We have solid HVAC gear that keeps us happy almost all the time. If it weren’t for our great HVAC provider, that wouldn’t be possible.

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