Finding information on HVAC equipment

Earlier this summer I went on the road down south with a friend. We are all from the north and had never spent time in the south during the hot summer season. We thought we were already used to warmer weather and figured we were able to handle it. Just the drive there was almost unbearable despite my car’s air conditioner running on high the complete time. We were staying within my friend’s mother’s house, but she wasn’t there when we arrived. We didn’t realize to start with that we were unfamiliar with her HVAC system. We thought it was as it was in our own homes up north. We each have digital thermostats that we leave preset for pretty much the entire year. We did not realize that what we were dealing with here was a ductless air conditioner and that it had been turned off. It took us only about a day of frantically searching for the central air unit and the thermostat to relieve our heater and for us to realize that the ductless air conditioner was sitting off in the living room. We were thinking about calling a local HVAC technician to inspect the whole house for problems. Luckily we were able to turn on the ductless air conditioner ourselves and the room was cooled almost immediately. This cooled air on our faces elated us. I don’t know what we would have done on that trip without a quality air conditioner.