Finding a hot tub that’s just right

Did you know the word spa comes from an acronym in Latin, “salus per aquam” which actually means health from water? Hot spas, or more commonly known as hot tubs, offer great relief and many benefits. It is more than just relaxing in a hot tub and soaking.


  1. These hot tubs are so scorching, when you soak in one your blood circulation increases. What this does is basically dilates your blood vessels, which often decreases your blood pressure. The truth is, this can happen in as little as twenty to twenty five units.
  2. Sitting in a hot spa reduces the pressure you might be putting on your body. Think of how you are straining your muscle mass all day while you are walking and positioned. Since 90 percent of your whole body weight is being supported inside the hot tub, your body can easily relax.
  3. If you are someone who has arthritis, using the hot tub can in fact restore strength and improve flexibility inside your joints.
  4. By spending time in a hot tub you will get the same simulating benefits as exercising, without the increase of blood pressure. Therefore, your aerobic health is going to improve.
  5. Soaking inside a hot spa could increase your quality of sleep through the night. If you soak in a hot spa 90 minutes before bed, your body will be triggered to decrease your internal body temperature. This allows a more deep and calming sleep.


Although at first it seems as though using a spa only has one relaxing advantage, regularly soaking in a hot spa may offer you some medical benefits too.