Find out how you can save money on energy bills

Do you wish to save money? You could stuff your dollars in a shoebox under your own bed. You could also take some easy steps to cut costs at home. By sealing air leaks and preventing energy losses, you can trim your heating and cooling costs simply by 25 to 40 percent. That quickly adds up. Did you know that the average house in America leaks so much air that there should be a four-foot-square hole in the wall? With a few do-it-yourself weatherization jobs, you can protect both your wallet along with the environment. You can also implement effective measures without too much work or expense. Start at the highest priority. Consider the many ways to avoid energy waste in your attic. You can weatherstrip and insulate across the door that leads to the attic. This is a simple job you could handle on your own. You may also seal around the outside of the chimney with metal flashing as well as caulk. Take the time to furthermore seal around plumbing vents inside the attic floor and roof. Inspect the area where the plumbing vent pipes traverse the roof. There may become signs of water leakage. These issues should be addressed and corrected before structural harm occurs. Depending on the age, you may need to insulate the walls in the attic. Take extra care all around the electric wires and ceiling fittings. Look for any other divots between the heated space of your home and the attic. Then it’s time for it to move on to crawlspaces, the basement, and every window and also door.

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