Energy payments

Everybody is terribly worried about gas prices and gas mileage. When you watch broadcasts on TV, you can usually find a minimum of one broadcast doing a segment with gas prices. They often compare the buying price of gas in different areas in the country and report if the purchase price is expected to rise or even fall. Then the commercials interrupt the newscast and you should see car ads talking about how many mpg their sedan gets traveling on the highway or in the city. What if the same number of people who are concerned with the price of gasoline and gas efficiency were also concerned with HVAC efficiency and how much it costs? There are a bunch of things that affect the efficiency of your heater and air conditioner. For one, the air filters in a person’s HVAC equipment affect it. Clogged air filters allow less air to be forced through and therefore cause your equipment to operate less efficiently. A cracked or leaking air duct is also another common reason for HVAC inefficiency. Not only does a leak mean you happen to be losing costly treated air, but it also means you could have moisture problems which can lead to mold. Leaky windows and doors also mean part of the air your water heater or air conditioner is producing has been lost. Fill these and you ought to see a decrease in your utility bills. Frequently turning your HVAC equipment completely on or off is bad for energy efficiency as well. It’s better to consciously set the temperature during the day rather than simply shutting the item off and turning it on after you return.

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