Em-1 compost

Organic farming has many uses and there are plenty of benefits to doing it. Organic farming is a kind of farming that can quickly improve your soil quality and in the end improve your garden. If you have really bad soil you should try using organic farming methods. One method found in organic farming is composting. Composting is if you use old foods to improve your soil quality by adding needed nutrients. The most effective composting method will be the bokashi method. Bokashi uses the product EM-1 and also uses that to break down the soil so it is of better quality and contains more nutrients. First, you combine old food and EM-1 in a bucket and leave it sealed for some days. After the Em-1 breaks the food down you can spread it throughout your soil. The compost mix will sink throughout the soil and start adding nutrition. Then when your plants are pulling nutrients from the soil it will have all of these new nutrients to work with. People forget that the quality of your produce is directly related to the soil you are using. If your soil is genuinely compacted and lacks nutrients you won’t be able to grow quality vegetables and fruits. So, if you are having issues with your garden it may be time to try the newest composting techniques. I had bad soil and the bokashi composting method fixed my soil within a week! Try it for yourself and see what sort of results you have.

making bokashi