Electric and fixing problems

If I had three wishes, I think the initial one would be for an endless amount of getting cake. I suppose for wish number two I would be a little less selfish. I’d like world peace. For my closing wish, I’m going to of course be selfish again. I’m wishing for my personal electrician. His name can be Alphonse, and he would be inside my beck and call. There is always a project throughout the house that requires wiring. I hate doing the work myself. I always mess the job up, and I’m real worried I’ll burn the whole place down. With Alphonse around, I could tackle hundreds of projects with no fear. I might start with the back outdoor patio. As of now, my back deck doesn’t have access to electricity. This would be Alphonse’s first priority. He would wire a lot of electrical outlets, so that I can have lights, a sound system, as well as a seasonal heater on the deck. I would then send Alphonse into our basement. For some reason, my lights never work inside the basement. I’ve replaced bulbs. I’ve even hired an electrician to fix any problems. The problem remains and there is no electric. I’m sure this will not be too hard of a job for the skilled and accomplished Alphonse. I the would then tell Alphonse all about how I must stretch extension cords across the yard to be able to run my power tools. Alphonse would be appalled. He would add some power outlets around the perimeter entrance. We would then move on to the inside of the house. I’ve got so much work to keep Alphonse active.

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