Ductless air conditioning

Recently for a nice change of scenery I have been looking into air conditioning systems and I was contemplating having one installed. The cooling unit that I wanted to get was a central air conditioner that cools your home by taking forced air. I have always looked at forced air conditioners as being greater than other types of air conditioners. The one problem that I had was I didn’t have ductwork already installed within my home. A friend of mine laughed and said that she had ductwork installed in her house and it also was a nightmare. She said that the ducts must be cleaned all the time far too. When the HVAC installer put in her ducts, they destroyed the woman’s ceilings and walls. I didn’t want my ceiling and walls to seem bad. I called a HVAC installer to locate a way around the installation of ductwork inside my home. They recommended a ductless multi-split cooling system. They simply mount several units on either exterior walls or maybe your ceiling and connect those to an outside unit. They are usually connected by refrigerant tubing along with electrical wiring. The benefits of a ductless multi-split air conditioning system consist of zone control and variable speed compressors. Zone control allows you to set variable temperatures in different locations of your home. This allows you to save lots of energy. Variable speed compressors also allow you to save money by not constantly shutting off if your room has reached the preferred temperature. The variable speeds let the compressor to remain on and draw a reduced amount of electricity than if it were to get started on from a dead stop.

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