Cooling and heating

Once the summer heat and humidity sets in, you want to have a cool home. If your house lacks ductwork, this can be considered a challenge. You may rely on numerous window units. This approach to temperature control is very dysfunctional. Window units consume large amounts of energy. They are unattractive. Additionally they present a security risk. Since they are placed partially inside the house, an open window is required. The unit is in the bedroom with you, so the deafening operational sound is disruptive. In addition, you lose the view from your window. To properly cool the home, and handle excess moisture, multiple units could be required. There is a better solution. A ductless mini split fits into any home, devoid of major renovation. The indoor units are about seven inches deep. They tend to be lightweight and housed in modern-looking white-colored jackets. The indoor air handler can certainly be mounted high on the wall or ceiling. The exterior compressor is normally very slim. It can be located as much as fifty feet away. This means that one could cool rooms that are located in the front of the home, but mount the outdoor unit on the back of the house. These outdoor and indoor units are connected with a conduit. This conduit contains the particular electric line, drain line, in addition to refrigerant tubing. It requires a compact, three-inch hole in an outside wall. Installation involves no important renovation. There’s no need to cut holes in walls or maybe ceilings for ductwork. You’ll make use of the easy installation. You’ll also enjoy complete temperature control.

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