Composting methods

Composting is getting more and more popular and is becoming somewhat of a corner stone for organic farming. composting is the process of extracting old food waste into a fertilizer for ones garden. There are a lot of different composting methods and you will need to find the right method for you. One of the newest types of composting is the Bokashi method. This method is reliant on effective microorganisms which enable it to be traced back to Japanese farmers. Japanese farmers discovered the advantages of effective microorganisms and their power to break down old food waste. The best way to start the Boakshi composting method is to buy the Bokashi starter set. This kit will include your Bokashi bin, all of the effective microorganisms that you’ll need, and also a set of instructions to get started. The process starts with an air tight bucket that you keep in your kitchen. you may start collecting food waste in your bucket until you reach the indicated line. At this point you can add a small amount of EM-1 rice bran boakshi to your waste. Then pack your waste down tight and close the bin. The bokashi should immediately start to ferment the food scarps, issuing valuable nutrients and enzymes. This is the basic process of Bokashi composting. Get the Bokashi starter kit for the full list of instructions and try this composting method for yourself. You are likely to find that it is easier than normal composting and you see better results. The bokashi bran also increases the process.

bokashi composting