Cleaning your heater

In relation to your heating system, don’t put things off.  Keep it clean.  The maintenance of the boiler system is simple.  As long as you take excellent care of your system and get it maintained by a trained technician annually, you shouldn’t face any major difficulty with your boiler.  It should last decades, provide a much smaller electric bill when compared to a gas furnace, and keep your own home consistently comfortable.  Your gas furnace can’t continue to match manufacturer’s expectation without yearly service.  Dirt is the enemy of this furnace.  As dust builds on components like the motor, air handler or heat exchanger, it causes friction.  Friction causes the equipment to use more energy and significantly increases deterioration.  Wear and tear leads to malfunctions and repairs.  Have your furnace inspected regularly.  Dirt even gathers on the internal components of  your furnace in the summer months, when it isn’t in use.  Servicemen will come across small problems before they turn out to be big problems.  Definitely schedule maintenance in the summer or fall, when you don’t rely on your heating equipment for home comfort.  That way, if parts need to be replaced, it will not be an inconvenience to wait for them.  A well-maintained furnace may also last longer, up to twenty years.  Cleaning, checking connections, lubricating moving parts and checking a system’s controls ‘s are best left to the professionals and can help your heating unit to work at maximum efficiency.  Regular repairs also prevent many repairs over the lifetime of your system.  Fewer repairs means your equipment costs less to work.

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