Common mistakes in air conditioner installation

Installing your air conditioner can be a very difficult process. Many people decide to consult a professional HVAC technician to have their equipment installed perfectly. You can install your equipment yourself, however you run the risk of it not functioning properly. Another down side is that unless you install it properly you could potentially have an air leak and begin paying too much on ones monthly energy bill. The most usual mistake to make when installing your air conditioning unit is to not properly seal the system in the window frame. There are many steps that you can take to prevent this from happening. An example may be to make sure the window is secure in the top of the unit. Also try to tip your unit slightly backwards so that the front is pointed upwards your ceiling. the unit shouldn’t be on too sharp of an angle, but putting it in a slight angle can help it to distribute air throughout your residence. The next thing to check is how the unit is secured on both sides. Most air conditioners come with panels you can install on the sides to lock it into place. However, a lot of times these panels will not completely secure the window. consequently, you may wish to put something on the sides of the unit to hold it in place and prevent any outside air from arriving. If you do not think you’ve correctly installed your air conditioner, than it is advisable to consult a HVAC professional.

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