Air filter

My son has been getting sick very often lately. I thought that it might just be from the other kids at school. When the sickness did not go away quickly, I became concerned. I called the doctor to schedule an appointment for my son. The doctor informed me that my son was sick due to his allergies. I asked my doctor what we could do. The doctor said that I could try to make the air cleaner in my home. After I got home, I started doing some research on cleaning air in my home. I began to find air purification systems that could be installed onto my HVAC system. My partner and i ordered some new HVAC filtration systems for my current heating and cooling system. These filters are usually ULPA rated filters. They pass a more rigorous specification that HEPA filters and they are supposed to remove more airborne things that trigger allergies than HEPA filters. I furthermore found an ionizing air purifying system and an ultraviolet air sterilization system. The ionizing air cleaner helps to remove dust and dirt from the air. Dust and dirt are routine allergens. These are the types of allergens that are affecting my son. The ultraviolet air sterilization system removes the bacteria and mold from your house. They have proven to always be 99% effective. They are so effective that hospitals make use of them to keep their patients balanced. I plan on talking to my HVAC technician over the following couple of days to see if he’ll install these systems for me personally. I want my son to get better so that he can live a healthy life.