Air cooling help

How it is installed is amongst the biggest factors in how well your air conditioner will perform and how long it will eventually last.  Air conditioners come in numerous types and sizes with quite a few innovative features.  In the end, most of them are pretty in the same.  As long as you stick with one of many major manufacturers, you are probably getting a top-of-the-line item of equipment that will cool your residence.  But you’re counting on the item lasting for fifteen to twenty years.  You’re expecting precise temperature regulation and humidity control.  You want it to live up to the promised SEER rating.  None of this is going to happen if it is installed wrong.  You’ll be faced with frequent repairs, noisy operation, high bills, and your equipment just won’t supply the cool comfort you were hoping for.  Before you schedule installation, do some research.  Has your contractor been in business for a short time?  Will they still be around when you need annual maintenance or repairs?  Make sure the technicians are factory and NATE certified so as to be sure they’ve had the courses, testing and product experience needed to do a good job to suit your needs.  Do they offer financing?  Are they bonded and insured?  You definitely don’t want to just see a name in the phonebook and trust them to properly install just about the most expensive appliances in your home.  Look for references.  Talk to your neighbors.  If your central air conditioning equipment isn’t perfectly installed, your cooling dollars are going right out the window.  You should also be sure you’ve purchased the right sized air conditioner.

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