Air cooling

Air conditioners have seen lots of improvements in the last two years. A new ozone-friendly refrigerant termed puron has reduced the impact on the environment. A port for diagnostics enables you to conveniently access the system. Newer units also have much better SEER ratings. Older models had a rating of ten or even less. Government regulations currently have a minimum of at least 13 SEER. Some models have above 20 SEER. This provides more cooling power for the money you spend on electricity. These newer answers to home cooling are much quieter, because of a high density compressor in addition to sound blanket technology. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinets are very durable for extended system performance. The baked enamel finish protects one’s system from weather conditions. You’ll also enjoy greater humidity control thanks to a variable speed scroll compressor. If your air conditioner is over the age of ten years you should really start taking into consideration the upgrade and what it could do for you. Upgrading your air conditioner has a lot of benefits. It makes it easier to control temperatures and you’ll save money every month on your utility bills. New air conditioners likewise have new fan blade technology which has made them a lot quieter. Many consumers complained that the air conditioners were very loud and they were annoying to have on in the background. When you are picking out your new air conditioner you need to talk to your HVAC service provider about all your concerns and ask them to give you quality equipment. However, they can not help you find the correct equipment if they do not know what you look for.

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