Air conditioner install

We do not need an air conditioner. I have considered the possibility of purchasing a window unit for the bedroom. The windows in the bedroom, however, are extremely small and I have never found a unit that would fit. Where I live, we do not have that many nights that it’s too hot for comfortable sleep. I’m not sure the investment into air conditioning would be worth it. We keep the house cool by opening glass windows. There are some days when the humidity is overwhelming and the heat is stifling. We try to spend those days in the pool. We also enjoy sitting inside the shade on our deck. We combat heat with portable fans. The fans wait inside the attic all winter. Once the weather starts heating up, I check out the attic and carry the many fans down. They are usually quite dusty and require cleaning. Each bedroom gets a fan. The living room also will get a fan. The fans are enough to keep our bedrooms comfortable at evening. We do not run them throughout the day. Since fans don’t actually cool the air, but only cycle it about, I try to make sure every one of the fans is turned off when no-one is in the room to feel them. The fans are electric and so do increase the cost of utilities. At once, we had a ceiling fan inside the kitchen, dining room and family area. Since hot air rises, a ceiling fan can help keep a home cool in the summer by helping the hot air escape.

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