AC Ventilation Matters

Is your air conditioning system properly ventilated? If not, you could be in for quite a bit of trouble. If your air conditioning unit is venting into an area of your home that it shouldn’t be, it can be creating a large build up of moisture and mold, and working against your cooling efforts.  If your system is set up to properly ventilate outside, but is leaking into the house, there can be serious water damage or wood rot depending on the location of the leak, and how that affects your home. To avoid issues like this, it is important to have your air conditioning unit properly installed in your home. This would ensure that your air conditioning system should be properly ventilated outside, and that it should be draining away from your home. Any licensed hvac or air conditioning contractor should be able to provide you with proper installation techniques. If not, you will want to be sure to call up the company and have them come out and install the system the right way. If you are getting a new system installed, and are not sure how it should be set up, be sure to do some research before you hire the person to install the system. At the very least, having an idea of how the system should be installed and what it should look like once it has been properly installed will alert you if your contractor that you hired is doing something wrong in the installation process.

AC Ventilation