A/C problems

My only son has recently started to have a great interest in baseball. I tend to not mind this at all. I really like seeing him be active and have fun at the same time. He’s even very cute in the baseball outfit. He practices frequently. He will practice with his dad or his brothers. He’ll even play with his friends if they come over. Some of his friends were over just the other day. They were playing outside and I was standing on the deck watching. In a short time when I had gone inside to acquire them snacks, the house was quite warm. I couldn’t understand how warm it had become. I felt like I ended up sweating so much. I went to look at the thermostat. It was set to a temperature, but the house had been much warmer than that. I made sure the thermostat said the HVAC system was running. It was definitely fired up. I went to look at the HVAC system because sometimes the filters get clogged. The filters looked like they were fine. I did not notice anything concerning. I had to call an HVAC business, so they could send the HVAC technician to come consider the unit. He arrived as soon as the phone call had ended. I was lucky he was so quick to my house. He found that a lot of the parts inside of the model had stopped working. One of the motors had quit. It had gotten just a little old and couldn’t work today or ever again. He pulled many things aside, but was finished within an hour. I was still able to make the boys some snacks while I was sweating the entire time.

air conditioning filter