Making smart choices with your thermostat

I bought my house in the heart of the winter. Not the best time to be moving furniture and trying to see what your yard looks like when all the snowfall melts. But, we knew the house wouldn’t be out there for long. Our first week in our new home was so chaotic. I should have taken some time off work but I didn’t wish to waste valuable vacation time on moving. Our thermostat had a display, a setting for warmth, cooling and fan and also had a timer built in. I didn’t take the time and energy to see what the thermostat could do, we just knew keeping the property at 70 was quite cozy. We both work long days and travel frequently together for work. We finally sat down to read the thermostat manual for the furnace and realized you can set the heating and cooling for your house based on time and the day. This can be wonderful for our utility bills. When we are gone for a week during a period for work we lowered the temperature of the home to 65 degrees. The day we had to return we had it set to go back to 70 degrees. During the afternoon when no one is home we set it for 66 degrees. This kept the furnace from running while we were away. We also like to sleep while it is just a little cooler, so from 10: 00pm to 6: 00am we set the thermostat to drop to 67 degrees. Our furnace ran less and it is more energy efficient!

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