Efficient heating

Your furnace needs maintenance throughout it’s operation and it also needs to be inspected and tune-ed up in the fall before the cold temperatures hit. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you absolutely need your furnace to turn it on. Then when you find out it needs a repair you are without heat for a few days. You may even have to pay for an emergency HVAC repair if you have waited too long in the season. Make sure you inspect the thermostat for correct operation. You can do this by turning it up really high. This should make your heater instantly kick on and if it doesn’t you definitely have some problems with your thermostat. A defective thermostat will really hurt the efficiency and operation of your heating unit. A lot of heating maintenance should be left to professionals. You should only do what you are comfortable with and feel you have the knowledge to do. In the fall all of the internal components and controls need to be inspected. The motor should also be oiled and the heat exchanger should be checked for possible cracks. A crack in the heat exchanger puts your home at a very severe risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. If you are comfortable doing these tasks and feel you have the knowledge to them, you should go ahead and do that. However, if you are un-sure about any aspects you should call a HVAC business and schedule a professional tune-up. This is inspection needs to be done correctly to ensure efficient heating, but it is also a safety hazard having a heater with a cracked heat exchanger.


Filter changes

A lot of people forget that their air conditioner needs regular maintenance in order to operate efficiently. Your air conditioner is a machine like any other and it is going to need some work done to it, it it is going to operate at it’s full efficiency. The first thing you need to check before you even turn your unit on is to make sure the condensing unit located outside is not covered. The unit needs air in the system, so that it has air to cool and circulate inside your home. A lot of people cover the condensing unit over the winter to prevent leaves and other outdoor elements from getting inside the unit. A lot of people turn their air conditioner on for the first time and it won’t turn on. They don’t realize that the condenser is still covered and no air is getting inside the system. The truth is that the condenser does not really need to be covered. These units are designed to be an outdoor unit and are made to withstand all weather conditions. When you first turn your air conditioner on it is smart to run it for a few minutes. Don’t wait until the first hot day of the year to start running your air conditioner. It is going to be very frustrating when you find out on that day that your air conditioner is not going working. One of the most important maintenance tasks is chaining the filters regularly. Dirty filters restrict air flow, reduce efficiency and can also cause the evaporator to ice up.

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